The right color of shingles has a large impact on your home’s curb appeal and potential resale value. In fact, your roof can account for up to 40% of your home’s visual exterior. That’s why it’s important to choose the right shingle color for your home.

According to industry research, choosing a shingle color that complements the home is one of the greatest challenges for homeowners. A new roof is a large investment. And there are several things to consider when reroofing your house. You want to make sure you’ve done your homework prior to making the decision. To make sure you choose the right color of shingles here are 7 tips to help you choose the right shingle color for your home.

Shingles - choosing the right shingle color

1. Talk to your neighbors

Begin by making sure there aren’t any rules for choosing a shingle color in your neighborhood. Some associations like homes to look similar. If your neighborhood is not part of an association then decide whether you want your home to blend in or stand out.

2. Do your research

Get some samples to see which style and color of shingle would be best for your home.

3. Consider your house color

After you’ve done your research, consider the color of your home’s brick or siding. The color of shutters, doors, and siding can be changed. But brick can’t be changed. If you have a brick home, be sure to consider the color of your home’s brick when selecting a shingle color.

Shutter - choosing the right shingle color

4. Compliment your shutter

If your shutters contrast the siding, choose a shingle color that matches the shutters to tie the exterior of your house together.

5. Match the architectural style

The color of shingle you select should match the style of your home. Classic homes look best with classic color, but modern homes can use non-traditional color palates.

6. Highlight your home’s features

Most homeowners want to highlight their favorite features of their home. Highlight porches and bay windows by selecting complimentary roof colors.

If you want to showcase these features, avoid shingle colors that are similar to the wood or paint used on these features. Using similar colors will cause these features to blend in rather than standing out.

Shingles - choosing the right shingle color

7. Consider the sun

Although it’s not the most important factor to consider, the sun can impact the color of your roof. Depending on the time of year and the location of your home, the sun will create a different color. Overcast winter weather can wash out colors and the intensity of summer sunlight can intensify a roof’s color.

One way to see how your roof will look is to take a sample home with you and look at them. Colors look completely different in the store than they do in the natural sunlight.

Go ahead and start choosing the right shingle color for your home!

Choosing the right shingle color can be difficult. But these 7 tips will help make choosing the right shingle color a breeze when you’re looking to reroof your home.