In our DIY culture, the urge to fix home issues yourself is strong. Yet, concerning your roof, there are 10 bad things people do to their roof that can be detrimental.

Protect your roof and avoid doing these 10 things.

1. Power Wash

As a homeowner, you want a clean house both inside and out. And that includes your roof. It’s tempting to grab a power washer, a scrub brush, and remove the unsightly algae growing on your roof. The problem is that in addition to algae, you will also remove the granules that protect your shingles from sun, heat, and impact.

RESULT: You’ll shorten the lifespan of your roof.

2. Ignore Debris in Valleys

Ignoring twigs, branches, leaves, and seeds that build up in the valleys of your roof cause water to dam up.

RESULT: In time, this will lead to a leak in your roof.

3. Ignore Blocked Gutters

In addition to keeping your valleys clean, you should keep your gutters clear. Anything that lets water sit anywhere on your roof is just asking for water leaks inside your home.

RESULT: Blocked gutters will also create leaks in your roof.

4. Install a New Roof Over an Old Damaged Roof

It’s frustrating when we begin to remove shingles only to find a layer underneath. It’s a lazy method of saving time and money. You should be sure your old roof is removed prior to the new roof being installed.

RESULT: Failing to remove an old roof prior to installing a new one will shorten the lifespan of the new roof.

5. Walk on Your Roof

Come holiday season, we see plenty of people walking around their roof hanging Christmas lights and installing Santa, but it’s not a good idea. Walking around your roof is dangerous and damages your roof.

RESULT: Walking on a roof rubs off the shingle’s granules. Granules are what protect your shingles from the sun, heat, and other elements. Fewer granules mean less protection and a shorter lifespan.

6. Pull Up Shingles to Look for Leaks

If you have a leak, it’s tempting to begin removing shingles in search of the source. Unfortunately, this will often result in more damage.

RESULT: Unless you’re a professional, resist the desire to fix your leak. Give JB Roofing a call rather than making the situation worse.

7. Let Just Anyone Install a Skylight

Maybe you or your spouse think a skylight is just what the kitchen (or living room) needs. Unfortunately, installing a skylight yourself can easily ruin your roof.

RESULT: Make sure you hire a professional to install your skylights. He or she should know that the hole required should be repaired correctly so that it doesn’t compromise your roof.

8. Attach a Basketball Hoop on Your Roof

We get it, you’ve seen one too many cars damaged from falling mobile basketball hoops. But attaching a basketball hoop to your roof is not the answer. I’m sure little Johnny is a great shot, but when the basketball repeatedly hits the hoop it vibrates and causes the bolts to break the seal of your roof.

RESULT: When the seal is damaged, it will lead to leaks and shorten the life of your roof.

9. Install a Satellite Dish

Similar to attaching a basketball hoop to your roof, mounting a satellite dish requires screwing bolts into your roof.

RESULT: This can also damage your roof and lead to leaks. Instead, ask the technician to use an under eave bracket to install your dish.

10. Attach Christmas Lights

There are plenty of ways to attach your Christmas lights without making a hole in your shingles.

RESULT: Whether you’re using nails, screws, or staples, anything you attach to your shingles can damage your roof and cause leaks.

11. Install Solar Panels Directly to Your Roof

You might be noticing a pattern here: attaching things to your roof can easily damage it.

Rather than using bolts to attach solar panels to your roof, use a hidden bracket system.

RESULT: With time the holes created by the bolts will begin to leak. Instead, call a licensed professional to attach the solar panels with a hidden bracket system.

Your Takeaway With These Bad Things People Do to Their Roof

Save the DIY itch for your home decor. From power washing to poking holes in it, there are some things you shouldn’t do to your roof. Instead of damaging your roof and injuring yourself, contact JB Roofing & Gutters to answer any of your roofing questions.