If you feel yourself getting a little stir crazy then why don’t you take this time to tackle your home to-do list? It’s the perfect way to keep your mind occupied during these uncertain times. We’ve compiled a list of thirteen inexpensive home improvement ideas you can tackle while you’re stuck at home.

Four inexpensive inside home improvement ideas

1. Clean your tile grout

Cleaning tile grout - Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas
It’s not an exciting task, and it’s often forgotten until you bend over to tie your shoes. Grout lines get dirty over time, but cleaning them is often low on the list of things to do.

Here’s the best way to clean the grout on your floor or the grout in your bathroom or backsplash.

How to clean grout lines on the floor

To create your grout cleaning solution, mix bleach and warm water in a bucket, using the 1 part bleach to 3 or 4 parts warm water ratio. Use a mop to apply the solution to the floor and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Be sure that the solution covers all the grout lines.

Do not saturate any cracked or damaged grout lines. Instead, gently apply the solution with a cloth.

Once all the lines have been treated with the solution, start at one corner of the room and use a small scrub brush to gently scrub the grout lines. When you’re finished, mop the floor again with clean water.

How to clean the tub, shower, and kitchen grout lines

Mix bleach and warm water in a spray bottle, using the 1 part bleach to 3 or 4 parts warm water ratio. For stubborn stains, you may consider a stronger solution. Spray the solution on the grout lines and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

Then scrub the grout lines using a toothbrush (or other small scrub brush). If you need a little more power, in addition to using a stronger mixture, you can sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the grout lines before you begin scrubbing.

When you’re finished, rinse the grout with clean water.

How to protect your grout after cleaning

After you’ve cleaned your grout, it’s a good idea to reseal it, especially if it seems to soak up liquid. Go to your local home improvement store and get a grout sealant that is compatible with your tile. The sealant will protect it, keeping it looking fresh and clean.

2. Organize your house

You can make things easier on yourself (and your family) with an organized home. Maybe that means making better use of a closet or developing a filing system to keep everything organized.

3. Clean your floor

It’s amazing how much dirt and outdoor debris makes its way inside throughout the year. Do a deep clean on your floors. If you can’t have your carpets professionally cleaned you can at least do a thorough vacuuming.

4. Give your bathroom a small renovation

A bathroom renovation sounds like a major task to accomplish. But there are small things you can do that will have a major impact.

1. Use smaller flooring

Large tiles will make your small bathroom look even tinier. But smaller tiles, such as vintage-inspired penny tiles or small-scale basketweave in marble, prevent the bathroom from appearing smaller than it is.

2. Use less cabinetry

Bathroom cabinetry doesn’t need to hold as much as your kitchen cabinets. Avoid cabinets that create tight quarters.

3. Choose a minimalist look

The streamlined look of some décor themes is often best for a smaller bathroom. Avoid busy designs and instead choose a style such as urban loft with straight lines and fewer details.

4. Choose a single focal point

Just because the space may be small doesn’t mean you should avoid dramatic features. Ceiling-to-floor tiles make a beautiful backdrop behind the sink. Dramatic focal points make a small space look special. Just limit them to one or two.

5. Use space-saving fixtures

Bathtubs, sinks, and toilets all come in space-saving designs. Choose a fixture that will save you space when possible.

Eight inexpensive outside home improvement ideas

1. Inspect your roof

Checking your roof is an important task for homeowners. You want to pay special attention to the areas of your roof that collect snow each winter. Additionally, you’ll want to check the flashing around the chimney, and the seals around vent pipes.

If you notice an issue, give JB Roofing & Gutters a call at 515-554-1964​. We’ll be happy to come to check it out.

2. Clean out your gutters

When was the last time you inspected your gutters? Even after the fall season, debris can still create clogs. Add in the summer rainstorms and your home can be at risk. Check your gutters this summer to ensure they’re free of clogs and draining away from your home.

cutting nearby trees - Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas

3. Trim your tree branches

In addition to trimming unruly trees around your yard, you should trim any branches that may have grown close to your home. This will prevent them from damaging your home during spring storms.

4. Complete your unfinished projects

Use these longer days to finish any outdoor projects you may not have been able to finish last year.

5. Clean out your garage

Tackling the garage can be a daunting project. But, if you make a plan it’s not as bad. Start by thinking about where you can take any unused items and what type of storage you might need to purchase (shelving, containers, hooks, etc.).

6. Clean your outdoor equipment

BBQ season is here. Even though you might have to practice social distancing for the time being, now is the perfect time to get everything ready for the upcoming summer. You can also clean your patio furniture, fire pit area, lawn equipment, and even the grill to make sure it’s all ready to be stowed for the winter.

7. Clean off your siding

Dirt, mold, pollen, and even tree sap can accumulate on your siding. Leaving it unchecked can shorten the lifespan of your siding material.

8. Repair your driveway

It’s much easier to repair a cracked, crumbling, or chipping concrete driveway during warmer months. Consider using epoxy patching compound, and if you wish to disguise the repair or give the paved area a smooth new look, apply a resurfacer.

9. Eliminate your unwanted guests

Most household pests are harmless, but some, like termites, create a real problem. Do your due diligence to make sure these uninvited guests don’t create an infestation.


Now is the perfect time to tackle your home to-do list. Whether it’s an inside renovation or an outside repair, now is the perfect time to tackle your home improvements. If your home improvement involves a roof or gutter issue, give JB Roofing & Gutters a call at 515-554-1964​.